Green Man Exhibition in Paris

In June of 2011 Peter was invited to have an exhibition in the Galerie Clavreul, in the prestigious La Place des Vosges, central Paris. The subject chosen is centred round the Green Man and was to take place in April, 2012. Unfortunately the exhibition had to be postponed till April, 2013 for reasons given in the next News paragraph. On returning to Shropshire Peter set to work with gusto, but still working on the St. Matthew Cycle. He is just finishing chapter 17. For more about the Green Man down load an essay of that title by clicking here or by visiting the Essays section of this website. More details of the exhibition will be posted as they are confirmed.

Struck down by Bowel Cancer

In August, 2011 Peter was diagnosed as having advanced bowel cancer. Life took a dramatic turn and after radiotherapy he was operated on in Hereford Hospital in the beginning of October, 2011. It was, inevitably a major operation and was followed by six months of chemotherapy which finished in May, 2012. However the after effects of this has left Peter with neuropathy of the hands, legs and feet and this means he has difficulty holding pen, pencil or brush. None-the-less he returned to work in July. The doctors have advised him that the neuropathy could last up to six months. His spirits are high and so far tests suggest the cancer has been successfully eradicated, but these are early days.

A Vision of Evil

Whilst recovering from major surgery in Hereford Hospital, early in October, 2011 Peter, under the influence of morphine pain killers, experienced a dark and terrifying vision of evil and hell, which, over the two or three days the vision persisted, helped him realize that he should write a report of and reflections on that challenging experience. That report or testimony, the title ‘The Face of Evil – a Testimony’ is available as a down-load, either by clicking here or by visiting the Essays section of this website.

Green Man Exhibition - Galerie Clavreul
25 Place Des Vosges, Paris

Preview 7pm 5th April 2013 then to 28th April

Following last years postponement the exhibition is now confirmed.

For more about the Green Man down load an essay of that title by clicking here or by visiting the Essays section of this website.


Via Lucis (Stations of the Resurrection)
Exhibition and workshop
St Laurence's Parish Church, Frodsham, Cheshire

30th March 2013 to 19th May, workshop 18th May 10am to 4pm


NEWS 2017

After a period of recuperation which included an operation for secondary cancer in the lung in 2015, Peter feels he is now clear and, for the moment, his doctors are also optimistic but there is still some time to go before he is declared cancer free. He is still working on the St Matthew Cycle by producing a book of coloured sketches of what he would like to do to complete the cycle. He is sanguine that he might not complete the cycle of full sized paintings before his death, so he hopes the book of cartoons will provide a vision of what he hoped to do. He finds that working on these small coloured images gives him a valuable insight into the Gospel and form a basis for meditation. He has also produced a number of still lifes using crayon, water colour and pen and ink which have been included in local exhibitions.

The Big News is that Peter has transferred ownership of ‘The Journey’ cycle to the Westhill Endowment Trust www.westhillendowment.org who will be making the paintings available freely to those who would wish to use them. He is most grateful for their enthusiastic support.

He is now looking for a home for the ‘St Matthew Cycle’, though he recognises that the cycle will be incomplete by the time of his death, however there are some 150 paintings covering the first 17 chapters of the Gospel, which is a substantial collection for anybody who thinks they can give them a home and make use of them. It is hoped that a full complement of photos of the paintings will be put up on this website.

Other news is that he has been invited to put on an exhibition of work in the Anglican Liverpool Catherdal in August 2017. This will have the title ‘Is Love Enough?’ addressing the challenge of Evil. He hopes it will support the publication of his Book of the same title (formerly entitled: The Face of Evil; see above). The exhibition will be made up from mostly older works, selected for their content, though he is producing some new paintings specially for the show. The exhibition will be displayed for the whole of August.

Under the auspices of the Westhill Trust ‘The Journey’ will be on display in ‘The Bield at Blackruthven’, Tibbermore, Perth, PH1 1PY, 01738 583238 from April 4 till April 30. Carol will be leading a retreat using the paintings April 11 till April 14, that is Holy Week. More details from ‘The Bield’.


As a result of the kind invitation of the Dean of Liverpool Cathedral and the financial support of Westhill Endowment Trust There will be an exhibition of Peter's work under the title of 'Is Love Enough' in the Derby Transept of the Cathedral from the 3rd till the 30th of August this year. There will be a preview at 6.00pm on Wednesday, 2nd of August after evening prayer at 5.30pm. The paintings on display will include work produced over the past fifty years together with new work produced for this exhibition. 

The exhibtion, which has the same title as his book which is due to come out sometime early next year, explores the reality of evil, its endemic presence within the fabric of the Creation and how it might be overcome by a love rooted in that that is the person of Christ.

If you would like to be present at the preview please confirm by email to: peter@peterclare.co.uk for catering purposes.